Guidelines for presentations 
Contributing a presentation to the Congress is optional – most participants do not submit a presentation. A presentation is one of the following:

Lecture-demonstration (presentation of a subject using Powerpoint or video projection)

Research report (unpublished results of a research project with scientific methodology)

Class (demonstration of a teaching technique, a choreography or particular dances)

Performance (performance on stage)

Exhibition (display and/or sale of material)

Video projection (simply showing a video with one’s work)

For each presentation a separate file must be submitted prior to the congress, to be included in the proceedings. This text can be accompanied by pictures, music or video samples.
  • Time allowed: Lecture: 20 minutes (including questions by the audience); Classes 30 minutes; Performances 5 to 10 minutes on stage.
  • Publication: Full proceedings will be published at the Congress website viewed by many thousands of visitors.
  • Languages: Working languages are English and the language of the hosting country; other languages can be used, without simultaneous translation.
  • Texts: 6,000 words maximum for each presentation.
  • Format: Send your text by email as .doc  or .ppt  format. Send also a printed copy or a DVD if you wish. Have your text corrected by a person very competent in the language used, in order to ensure it is absolutely ready for publication. Formats: see table below.
  • Deadline: Send a description of your presentation (full text, eventually accompanied by pictures, video and/or music) at least one month before the opening day in order to be included in the program and the proceedings DVD.
  • Structure of texts: Divide your text into sections, each with a numbered heading. Start with your name, the title of the presentation, an outline, then the sections of your development of the theme. Include a short presentation of the author (profile, CV) in the text.
  • Content of research reports:A research report (or research paper) contains unpublished results of an original research project. It can describe objectively the situation of dance in a country or a region. It can cover a particular form of dance (ballet, folk, ballroom etc.) or a sector (education, performance, scholarship etc.) at national or regional level. It is a concise and informative document giving an overall picture. The focus is on giving facts, figures or estimates, tendencies and needs. It is addressed to professionals rather than the general reader.
  • Content of other texts: Texts accompanying a lecture, a class, a performance or an exhibition are brief or detailed descriptions. Send a separate text for each presentation, following the guidelines above.
  • Networking: Bring a number of printed copies of your text, and sufficient brochures or other printed material to distribute (you will need many visiting cards too).
  • Total volume: of all presentations by a participant (text + sound + images + video + CV) should not exceed 100 Mb