Obtaining funding for organizing a trip to the Grand Prix Stage
In order to obtain financial support for the departure of your team to the project, you must take the following actions:
  • Decide on the city of the event and submit an application, indicate in the comments to the application that you need an application for financial support.
  • Send to Org. committee (department for work with government agencies by e-mail general@cid-moscow.com) a request for paperwork (official invitation) to receive funding, indicating the following data - the name of the team, the name of the team leader or director, the name of the institution, which is your ensemble. If there is information about the state structure to which your institution is subordinate (Department of Culture / Education / Sports, etc.). CID c / o UNESCO does not guarantee consideration of letters to receive funding for commercial structures (private schools and ensembles not attached to budgetary cultural and educational institutions)
  • Receive a copy of the official letter (The maximum period for consideration of official letters by the authorities is up to 30 calendar days - if you receive an application less than one month before the event, the chances of receiving funds are reduced.), Keeping the outgoing correspondence number and the date of sending.
  • Receive an official written response on the state form. body (in the Organizing Committee of the competition) on the consideration of the application for funding.
Why is it necessary for government agencies and individuals - government officials, including sponsors (heads of regional business enterprises)? There are several reasons why not one of our letters remains on the sidelines when considering them:
  • By sending a team to a project organized by an International Organization, each region increases its rating: the level of culture, education
  • As a result of the event, letters of thanks and diplomas are sent by official correspondence from the Central Office of the UNESCO International Dance Council to the heads of the state or private structure that organized the arrival of the team to the project
  • The results of the event are announced in the country's leading mass media
  • Heads of state and regional authorities take part in press conferences and television bridges organized in the Main Media Center of the country (RIA-NOVOSTI) for the main TV channels and print media in Russia. Within the framework of the press conference, each head of the Administration can speak about the situation in the region in the field of culture and education throughout the country and also accept gratitude for the support of these areas from the head of the international organization, leading politicians, media representatives and members of the project jury
  • Leaders of choreographic groups, regardless of the results of the project, receive the title of a Member of the UNESCO International Dance Council and subsequently represent their region and country as a whole at events organized by UNESCO around the world: UNESCO CID General Assembly, Forum of Choreographers in Paris, Congresses and Conferences held in 200 countries of the world. In CID UNESCO events, every leader - a member of the organization can act in all International events as a speaker, promoting their views on politics, culture and international relations between countries.