Individual Membership in an International Organization
You acquire the prestigious title of a member of the International Dance Council, the world's highest organ of choreographic culture, and are entitled to:
  • Put the title in front of your Surname and Name on business cards, when presenting at World Congresses, forums, competitions and other events
  • Present your work at all-Russian congresses, international festivals, seminars, competitions and other important events organized by the CID Members.
  • Publish your events on the CID Panorama website, the official website for dance events, for more information here
  • Receive information about opportunities such as: scholarships, grants, jobs around the world, invitations to speak from commercial and government structures in 200 countries
  • Your full profile and resume will be displayed in the UNESCO CID Global Directory at www.cid , by far the largest directory of the arts industry
  • Send inquiries and have full information support at the CID Secretariat
  • Meet other members and become part of a community of thousands of professionals in over 170 countries.
  • Apply to the national commissions of the country for UNESCO, as well as to other government agencies or private sponsors to fund their trips abroad to represent the culture of their country
  • Use visa support to participate in congresses and other events held under the auspices of the CID.
  • Have the prestigious status of a member of the United Nations of Dance
  • Получать юридические консультации по профессиональным вопросам, бесплатно, как и все услуги по CID
  • Receive e-books for free
The limit on the number of registrations for candidates for membership without participating in face-to-face projects is 115 people. Applications will be closed automatically. If the application is available for filling, then the limit has not been exceeded yet!
CID UNESCO Member Title Registration Fee *
  • Membership fee 3.375 ₽ / $ 45

    for persons under 18 years old

  • Membership fee 5.950 ₽ / $ 80

    for people over 18 years old

  • Registration fee 3.940 ₽ / $ 55
  • Total 7.315 ₽ / 9.890 ₽
* Teachers and choreographers of participants in full-time projects of the Moscow Section of CID UNESCO do not pay registration and membership fees
** The registration fee also includes all postage (from Paris to Moscow and from Moscow to the address of a CID member, currency conversion, commission for transactions in a foreign bank, tax).
"Танцемания" онлайн отбор
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