Festival of National Cultures CID UNESCO. Regulations and calendar
Due to changes related to the outbreak of coronavirus infection, in the calendar of events, we are currently updating the dates for this competition.
  • Folk dance;
  • Folk stylization
  • Qualifying Grand Prix (Pyatigorsk);
  • Final in Moscow, "Ostankino"
The competition takes place in two stages:
The first stage “Qualifying Grand Prix”. The ensembles go through the qualifying round in Pyatigorsk to present their talent and performing skills to the public. Final stage of the competition. The best teams that have passed the first stage will be honored to perform in the final of the competition in Moscow.
Project goals:
  • Involvement of talented participants in the programs of International cooperation, support and development of the World choreographic art, promotion and preservation of the traditions of dance culture of different countries of the world.
  • Identification of talented performers, collectives, teachers, stimulating their creativity through financial support: the allocation of grants, subsidies of annual scholarships to talented contestants and choreographers.
  • Improvement of performing skills; creative communication and exchange of experience with colleagues from 20 countries of the world.
  • Attracting the attention of leading cultural figures, state institutions and educational institutions to talented performers and collectives, continuation and development of the best trends in classical and modern choreographic art.
  • Attracting the attention of the mass media to talented performers, teachers, choreographers, dance schools and choreographic groups (public and private).
  • Selection of the best choreographic collectives to represent their country at International Forums and Congresses within the framework of CID c / o UNESCO events.
Why is it worth taking part in the project?
  • Professional refereeing. Getting an assessment from a competent jury, which will include teachers from the best educational institutions of the country, as well as famous dancers - winners of television shows.
  • Convenient application submission. Convenient application form Applications are submitted online, without visiting the project.
  • As a result of the competition, each team receives an electronic diploma, with the ability to send the original by mail, each leader receives a letter of thanks, the teams - the ensemble of the project are awarded a Certificate of the participant of the Grand Prix Stage.
  • The team leaders will have one-year access to all educational programs for choreographers from the UNESCO International Dance Council.
  • The laureates of the project will receive personalized diplomas and the opportunity to participate in the International competition of choreographic art "Dancemania" in one of the three cities of the project.
Get travel funding
What steps should be taken to obtain funding for your trip to the project in order to participate in the Grand Prix Stages of the Dancemania competition?

For many of you, participation in the Selection Rounds of prestigious choreographic projects is not only the first, but also the last Stage on the path of the team to victory and the realization of their creative potential: the lack of financial support, the interest of not only the heads of institutions, but also the heads of the administration of your locality do not give opportunities to follow new challenges, opportunities and achievements. Namely, the face-to-face stages of the choreographic projects of the UNESCO International Dance Council provide the most complete range of opportunities and perspectives for dance ensembles and their leaders as future members of the CID c / o UNESCO.