Application for international certification

Official educational attestation recognized worldwide. Free for CID members only. The International Dance Council CID, an official partner of UNESCO, provides free International Dance Training Certification for schoolchildren and students of Secondary and Higher Education Institutions around the world. When passing all levels of training, the student gets the right to work not only in his own country, but also abroad.

  1. Each level takes at least 150 hours, including classes, rehearsals, performances, lectures.
  2. The principal, school and student are CID members.
  3. The headmaster or ensemble leader submits a declaration to the CID that the student has completed 150 hours.
  4. CID submits the Certificate on parchment paper. The school administration hands the parchment to the student in a special ceremony.
  5. After Level 1, the student can advance to Level 2 (another 150 hours), then another 150 hours for Level 3, as required by the school. This applies to all countries, all forms of dance.
  6. The headmaster receives the CID UNESCO Silver Medal and the Certificate of Recognition for the school.
Only CID UNESCO can offer reliable guarantees:
  • Official, recognized by the governments of 170 countries, partner of UNESCO
  • Independent of any influence or interest
  • Global, not associated with any specific country
  • Democratically governed by elected, unpaid officials
  • Firmly established, with a long history of 47 years
  • Competent, bringing together top-level specialists
  • Covers absolutely all types of dances
CID certification features:
  • Uniformity: same for all countries.
  • Verification: Requests for certified students are verified by CID.
  • Security: certificates are issued centrally by the CID Secretariat
  • Selection: schools, teachers and students are CID members
  • Equality: all forms of dance, all trends
  • Stability: Certification conditions will never change
  • Flexibility: may be provided in addition to other qualifications
For the headmaster:
  • Total cost of membership fees only: $ 80 per teacher + $ 160 per school + $ 45 per student. Certification is free.
  • The data in bold above will be printed in English on certification parchment. Make sure the spelling is correct.
  • There should only be one type of dance, for example: ballet or tango or ballroom or dance therapy, etc., in English.
  • The level must be a number between 1 and 10. Each level is 150 hours. Only one Certificate per year for a given type of dance.
  • Documents are sent to the school, not the students.
  • Ask students to verify their email address at: / validation
  • Make sure the awards ceremony shows the importance of international certification. Invite parents, journalists, officials.
  • Submit photos from the ceremony to:
  2. Instagram #CIDDanceInternationalCertification
Apply for certification:
IMPORTANT! The application must be completed in English. Indicate the full name in the same way as it is written in the foreign passport or in other documents. For the rest of the fields, use the Google Translate link here . Super-accurate and literary translation is not required. Please submit one form for each student / dancer you designate for the International Dance Training Certification.
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